What do I need to bring to class?

Bring yourself – wearing comfortable stretchy or loose clothes.  Expect to break into a sweat at times, and to relax and cool down at other times – so wear layers.  Yoga is practised on a ‘sticky mat’ with bare

feet – so bring a mat if you have one, but leave your shoes & socks at the door!  If you don’t have a mat, many classes will have some to borrow (however you may prefer to invest in your own mat if you come to class regularly!)

In addition to a mat, you may find ‘yoga blocks’ and a strap useful to help you with some of the poses.  A blanket can act as a useful prop – for asana practice and final relaxation when your body cools down!

I suffer from allergies / creaky knees / sore neck / etc. – what should I do?

TELL your yoga teacher at the beginning of class about any condition, injury, preference you have!  Practice what is comfortable for you and take rest / child’s pose or whatever is comfortable for you whenever you feel like it!

Is yoga suitable for men?


Yoga was practised for thousands of years exclusively by men, and thousands of men practice yoga today.  There are many male teachers too.  Different poses pose different challenges for different people – approach each class, each flow, each pose as an individual and don’t compare yourself to others.

I am over 50 – is it too late to start yoga?


NO!  Yoga is a journey that you can start any time and continue for the rest of your life.  I provide options or modifications for poses so you can always work at your own level, and rest when you need to.  Many yoga poses are beneficial for people who are older – including weight-bearing, strengthening exercises that are important to help with osteoporosis.

I’m totally inflexible – will I be ‘left behind?

Yoga is non-competitive, and you work at your own level so that you slowly, gradually build flexibility to the level that is suitable for you.

I am pregnant – can I start yoga?

There are many classes for pregnant women which I would recommend because they cater to special your special needs.  If you have never been to a yoga class before or haven’t been practising yoga recently, try and join one of these pre-natal classes.

Women who have been practising yoga regularly for several years can continue with their regular yoga class but must tell their teacher and take special care not to move into asanas more deeply than usual and to avoid certain asanas altogether.

Yoga is not recommended for a minimum of six weeks after giving birth, depending on the type of birth you gave.  Check with your doctor before resuming practice.

Can I leave class early – and skip the relaxation bit?

Yoga is different than a ‘stretching’ or a ‘fitness’ class in that it provides space and time for you to work and rest both your body and mind.  Besides disrupting other students, you’ll be missing out on a core part of practice if you ‘leave early’.  Please plan to stay for the entire session.  If you do on occasional have pressing reason to leave class early please let your teacher know.

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